A Great CISA Resource

It’s important that you don’t rush into a decision in terms of how you choose to study for your CISA exam, and also which study review course you buy and use. How you go about doing those 2 things will quite literally decide whether or not you pass the CISA exam on your first or next try, so setting up a solid plan of action is absolutely critical.

The advice here is to check out the Exam Matrix CISA review, and study for a few hours daily, as hard as you can. It’s a great course. In using it, you’ll have as much chance as anyone in passing the exam. Learn more about the course here: http://crushthecisaexam.com/exammatrix-cisa-review/

Use Audio As Prep For CPA Exam

Different people learn in a variety of ways. For some, they are visual learners, but for others, they find it easier to learn by listening. This article is for people who believe that they absorb a higher percentage of the information that they come across, by way of listening. In terms of the CPA exam, there are several audio CPA review courses.

The advantages of this learning style are numerous. You can relax and close your eyes whilst you listen, or you can even multi-task and do some other more visual task at the same time. Perhaps you might even drive whilst you learn! Anyway, here’s a relevant resource: http://crushthecpaexam.com/audio-cpa-review-courses/

A Few Things About The Roger CPA Study Guide

The Roger CPA review was unsurprisingly created by a guy called Roger. His full name is Roger Philipp, and he prefers an approach to teaching that involves being very direct and forward in terms of his style. This, he says, is a great way to keep candidates’ minds on the work. Roger has taught CPA exam review courses for more than 2 decades and 75,000+ people have succeeded in their exams within this niche, due to the help he has given them.

A crucial component of the Roger CPA Study Guide is that it entails heavy emphasis on different kinds of memory gimics, to ensure that you don’t forget any very particular pieces of information, and thus work through the course at a more effective rate. You can pick up the Roger CPA Review in online format at a price of approximately $1700. You can access this from your mobile phone too, if you have an Apple or Android device.

I would have to say that this guy is the most ‘exciting’ of any accounting instructor who’s products that I’ve checked out. He has a way of conveying information that I’ve yet to see in another person, which makes his course perhaps a little more stimulating than most.

You can find out more if you go to Roger’s website.

Guidance on a Successful CPA Exam Program

Have you been trying to find a strategic guide that shows an exact technique that you can use to get ready for the CPA exam? Most people that are prepping for this exam give far high an amount of their time to topics that only have a small chance of being included in their exam. What I’ll write in this article will point you towards the best CPA exam program and away from the minor bits that don’t so much matter.

Absorb information using the greatest techniques which have helped people to remember 75+% of the information that they study. It’s a great feeling to be able to recite exact numbers and facts straight away. It’s an important ability to be the owner of, for the student who wants to succeed at the exam on the first go.

Find out the best way to prep yourself for CPA exam simulations. This part of the course will be worth around 35% or higher of your overall total on three of the four exams. Leave this to chance (i.e. don’t study much for this) and your likelihood of succeeding drops like crazy.

If you would like to see more information of this type, don’t hesitate to check out the following URL, it’s super helpful: http://crushthecpaexam.com/cpa-study-guide/

Study Guides vs. Review Courses

We spend a lot of time discussing review courses and which is most beneficial to you,but there is one other resource you should consider.

Some of the most popular study guides out there are made by PassKey and Arthur. The whole idea here is to provide you with a cheaper alternative that still covers the key components found on the Special Enrollment Examination. While this makes sense, if you struggle with any of the issues, you may not enjoy this product.

The PassKey Review Workbook is a study guide that includes 6 EA practice exams, with the answers at the back of the workbook. Do not be confused; while its name suggests it is a full review course, it does not include any software, video lectures or online practice.

Arthur review on the other hand, is 3 separate books with a study guide section containing previous IRS exam questions and answers. It also includes study tips, testing strategies and more.

If you are a disciplined self-studier, then use a enrolled agent study guide to supplement your studying.

If self-study isn’t for you, then be sure to take a longer look at the enrolled agent review courses here: http://crushtheeaexam.com/enrolled-agent-courses/.

Check Out CPAExcel Review

CPAexcel reviewIf you are looking for a 5 star program with first class results, then you have come to the right place.

CPAexcel review is quite possibly the best review course on the market for those who are busy and on the go.

This program is designed with bite-size lectures so you can easily digest and absorb all the information in a short period of time. Each main subject is broken down into subsections which usually take anywhere between 30-45 minutes to go through.

When you study with CPAexcel, you will have access to exam-identical software where you will encounter practice exams and simulations. This helps you familiarize yourself with the CPA exam process to better your chances of passing on the first try.

Do you live off your smart phone? No big deal. Their smart phone app gives you access to 4,600 questions and 4,000 flashcards.

While we do believe this is one of the best review courses, if you like instructor support, you will not find it here. Self study is really your only option.

If you’re planning to take the CPA exam, then be sure to read more on CPAexcel.

Choosing the Right CIA Course

Choosing the right CIA review course can be tough. After all, there are so many great options out there.

To help you make the right choice and choose the best cia review course out there, here are a few pros and cons worth considering.

Gleim CIA Review

Pros – Over 3,000 multiple choice questions, audio review and a personal counselor to help you answer any questions you might have.

Cons – Not good for those who aren’t discipline enough to self-study.

Exammatrix CIA – www.crushtheciaexam.com/exammatrix-cia-review/

Pros – One of the cheaper options and offers free demos for those who want to check it out before they buy.

Cons – Offers the least amount of multiple choice questions and doesn’t have a personal counselor to help you.


Pros – Has the most practice questions of all programs – 5,000+ – and offers a 24hr free trial.

Cons – No money back guarantee, no personal counselor and no audio review.


Pros – They have over 3,000 test questions and a free audio sample.

Cons – The most expensive program out there. It costs a whopping $1,800 and costs an extra $300 should you want an audio review for Section 3.


Pros – By far the cheapest on the market.

Cons – Only 2,900 multiple choice questions and no moneyback guarantee.

If you want to know more on how to become a CIA and more about these review courses, check out the following link: CRUSH the CIA Exam

Fast Forward Academy vs. Exammatrix EA Review

There are two top tier Enrolled Agent exam review programs that we are going to be looking into today; Fast Forward Academy and Exammatrix.

The Fast Forward Academy’s mission is to minimize how much time you invest in studying, yet still give you the highest quality material and the helping hand you need to pass the exam.

Their program comes with a textbook series that covers the 3 sections of the EA exam. To accompany them, you will be able to take practice exams. These study banks let you choose between a variety of questions, focus on ones you’ve previously gotten wrong or see a whole new set of questions you haven’t answered yet.

One of the neatest features of this program is their online game. This game gives you a fun outlet, while still offering the benefits of studying.

For a full Fast Forward Academy review, click here.

http://crushtheeaexam.com/gleim-ea-review/Exammatrix on the other hand, is a more conventional study tool. They have 20 years of experience in the industry, which makes them a quality product.

With cutting edge software, lots of practice questions and practice exams, this program will lead you to success. Find out more here.

Which Enrolled Agent review course do you think will suit you better?

Neither? No problem. Gleim EA review also offers an extensive EA review course if you are not jiving with those first 2.  Check out what Gleim is all about at www.crushtheeaexam.com/gleim-ea-review/

Cash In On Discount CPA Courses

If you are considering writing the certified public accountant exam then you know how many review course options on the market there are.

With so many options, trying to find the one that suits your study style and needs is definitely not your only issue. You want to consider finding one that fits within your budget. After all, going to university these days is not a cheap venture.

With that in mind, we wanted to give you a heads up on some of the biggest cpa exam review courses discounts out there at the moment.

Several of the top tier review courses have coupon codes you can use when making a purchase to save some cash.

Yaeger and Roger CPA review are offering the most. Other programs like MDS and Gleim are offering anywhere between 10-25% off certain packages and products. There is also a new Fast Forward Academy promo code available.

If you have decided to go with one of these programs then I suggest you get your CPA discount here!


Get To Know The DAT Exam

Are you a visual learner?

Everyone has their own unique study styles and what works for one person, may not work for another. That being said, if you are a visual learner and are in the midst of studying for the dental admissions test, then you are going to want to keep reading.

Chad’s Videos DAT is the ultimate in DAT prep. It covers all 6 sections that you will be tested on during this admissions test.

Chad's Videos DAT

Now, for those of you who don’t know much about the DAT, it is a required test for those looking to get into dental school. What you may not realize is that although it is considered an exam, there are no pass or fail grades. It is simply used to judge your basic knowledge of the fundamentals before being accepted into school.

While you may not be able to technically fail, poor results may get you turned away from your school of choice.

Click here for more information about the DAT and be sure to check out Chad’s video review course as well!